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15 Minute and Under Self-Healing Techniques by Khadine Aharon


FREE eBook

15 Minute and Under Self-Healing Techniques by Khadine Aharon

What Does Khadine Do?

Khadine is an advanced EFT Tapping Practitioner, EFT Tapping Trainer, energetic healer, and speaker.

Khadine aims to support and inspire people to connect deeply with themselves and create the lives they truly desire.

Khadine provides EFT Tapping training around Australia. She also offers her trainings and presentations to businesses for staff training, development and team building.

Behind the scenes Khadine is committed to continuing to give back to the community in various voluntary pursuits. This is something she has continued to do for over 25 years.

How Does She Do it?


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How Does She Do it?

Khadine has a background in natural therapies and social work. She combines the knowledge’s, philosophies and skills of both to facilitate a deeper level of self-exploration, growth and healing for clients.

Khadine combines energetic psychology techniques including EFT and healing practices with a holistic view of health which takes into account your relationships, environment, health, emotions and connections.

Khadine also works on multidimensional levels with galactic healing using sacred symbols, healing past life experiences and distant healings with a focus on integration, learning and being grounded.

Key Benefits She Delivers


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  • Freedom from past and recent traumatic experiences
  • Improving relationships
  • Releasing fears and phobias
  • Stop self-sabotaging your success
  • Move forward with confidence
  • Live a more fulfilling life
  • Reduce and manage pain

Khadines Brief Bio


Khadine has been on a lifelong path to be a teacher and healer. As a teenager Khadine was passionate about helping people to heal and reach their full potential. She was teaching massage therapy by the time she was 20.

Khadine now has more than 25 years of combined experience in Community Services and Natural therapies industries. Khadine has worked with hundreds of people in individual, group and community settings.

Khadine effortlessly combines the knowledge and skills from both areas in her training and client work. She supports her clients to create real transformation in their lives. She works with people who want to create change in their relationships, levels of happiness, financial success, health and how they feel about themselves. Khadine is especially interested in working with clients to heal from trauma.

Since her early twenties Khadine has been committed to community and to giving back. She has volunteered for organisations such as North Rocks Deaf and Blind School, Cumberland Women’s Health Centre, various local government and community committee’s and community events.

When Khadine isn’t working she can be found spending time in nature, swimming, bush walking, attending sweat lodges, painting and spending time with friends.

Khadine considers herself to be a lifelong learner and is always learning something new to expand herself as a person and to enhance her work with clients.


Dominique J. V. Rensburg. Counsellor. Perth
I found Khadine’s information through the AASW website. Based on testimonials I decided to attend EFT Level 1 and 2 through Embrace Empowerment. The training was packed with plenty of

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Dominique J. V. Rensburg. Counsellor. Perth

Dee. Perth
Khadine was the only provider which appealed to me in Perth when doing my research to find an EFT course. I was also referred by someone I know. I enjoyed

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Dee. Perth

Kayla Oakley.  NSW
I chose to do EFT with Khadine because I felt a strong spiritual and energetic connection with her. I loved the safe yet open space that she provided for us

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Kayla Oakley. NSW