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15 Minute and Under Self-Healing Techniques by Khadine Aharon


FREE eBook

15 Minute and Under Self-Healing Techniques by Khadine Aharon

As an Energetic Healing Practitioner, Khadine Aharon brings more than 20 years of combined knowledge and experience in natural therapies and social work to her Embrace Empowerment healing practice.

She has worked with more than a thousand clients on an individual, group and community level, and is passionate about inspiring people to explore their inner world and create the life they truly want.

Khadine also has an enduring commitment to social justice issues, such as: the ‘Stolen Generations’, past adoption practices, women’s health issues, refugee experiences, gay and lesbian rights, the environment and the freedom of humanity.

As a speaker, Khadine presents on a range of personal development topics including: resolving fears, blocks to finances, releasing trauma, managing pain and enhancing life and business with colour. She also shares her own story about her inspiring journey of healing – how she rebuilt her life after losing her business, health and independence at the young age of twenty five.

Khadine Aharon brings warmth, empathy, calm and authenticity to both her healing practice and speaking opportunities. Highly qualified, with a Social Work Degree, Community Service Welfare Diploma and a comprehensive list of natural healing modalities, Khadine Aharon is set to inspire, and open your hearts and minds to your true self potential.

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