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15 Minute and Under Self-Healing Techniques by Khadine Aharon


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15 Minute and Under Self-Healing Techniques by Khadine Aharon

EFT TappingEFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is amazing! Out of all the therapies I have seen throughout my years working in natural therapies and community services it has to be the most exciting to me. Why? Because of the results.

I spent years attending more traditional counselling to support me through my challenges. But while it was great to have someone I could honestly and openly talk to, it didn’t really lead to any major shifts in my life. One weekend of learning EFT however was transforming. Even past traumatic events I thought I had well and truly dealt with were healed on far deeper levels. EFT has helped me to transform my relationships, my emotional wellbeing and my physical health. Quickly, simply and without having to rehash my stories.

Additionally it provided me with a simple technique I could do at home on myself. That’s really empowering. And I’ve seen it do the same for clients too!

And that’s why I’m so passionate about EFT. I know that with EFT I can support people to make real change in their lives on all levels.

EFT TappingWhat is EFT tapping?

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is remarkable technique which has the capability to transform lives. It is a branch of Energy Psychology which combines Eastern energy meridian knowledge and Western psychology. It is simple, gentle and incredibly effective.

EFT comes from the belief that when we have a stressful or traumatic event it can create a glitch in our energy system which prevents us from releasing that discomfort and creates disharmony in our body. We are energetic beings. We run on electricity. That’s why we can measure our heart rate and our brain function. Our nervous system is an electrical system which constantly sends messages throughout out body. So just like a radio doesn’t function as well when it has a bent wire or a glitch in its circuitry we are the same. We can have glitches in our wiring which impact us emotionally and physically.

With EFT we focus on an issue and what emotions we feel and where we feel discomfort in our body. Then we tap on specific meridian points – just like the ones used in acupuncture – to clear the energetic blocks we have to that issue.

Once these blocks are cleared then you are free of that discomfort, anxiety, pain etc.

And the great thing about EFT is that you can learn to do the basics at home. It’s a great way to manage everyday stress and anxiety and work on small issues by yourself. You can even use it safely on your children. I use it on my friend’s children when they are upset and I find they relax really quickly.

If you want to resolve deeper issues or are feeling stuck using EFT by yourself then it’s best to go to a qualified practitioner like myself. They have the knowledge and advanced skills to get to the core of your issues.

EFT TappingWho is it for?

EFT is for people who want to take charge of their life and create the life they want. EFT is a two way process and I will work with you as a team. I will listen, share my knowledge, give you empathy and care and I will be direct with you. If this approach feels right for you and you are ready to work with someone to transform your life then EFT is a great choice for you.

What can EFT help?

EFT can be useful for just about everything!

EFT is great for:

  • Healing Past and present trauma
  • Reducing anxiety and stress
  • Improving relationships
  • Increasing self esteem
  • Releasing blocks to abundance
  • Reducing cravings
  • Managing emotions
  • Breaking sabotaging patterns
  • Resolving past life traumas and integrating positive past life experiences
  • And so much more…

It's time to take a step to create the life you want!How can it help me physically?

Our bodies are amazing! The emotional and the physical aren’t separate like we often believe. When we experience stress our body reacts automatically. Our heart beats faster, our blood pressure rises, we may start to sweat, have butterflies or feel queasy in our stomachs. We produce stress hormones and when we produce too much it can impact how we think, make us tired, put on weight to name just a few. Stress contributes to all kinds of disease, like high blood pressure, headaches, skin conditions etc. the good news is that EFT is really good at reducing stress and releasing stress we’ve been holding onto.

With EFT we can focus on the pain, how we feel about it, what was happening when it began to reduce, manage or even remove the pain completely.

What is really exciting though is that when we release past trauma and hurts we find that there are often added physical benefits beyond to the pain we connect with that emotion. And you often won’t even be able to guess what that additional benefit is going to be. Some examples of what clients have experienced when we have worked on past trauma include a remarkable reduction in Parkinson’s related tremors, sleeping through a whole night instead of waking up continuously to go to the toilet, headaches disappearing and feeling connected to source.

Why come to me?

I’m a qualified social worker and have worked in natural therapies for many years. I combine these knowledge’s, experiences and skills to bring you the best possible service and outcomes. I will work in partnership with you to achieve your desired results. I will be honest and direct with you while providing a safe and caring environment for your growth and healing.

Is EFT recognised and is there research to back it up?

Yes and Yes.

EFT is being increasingly adopted as a therapeutic technique by psychologists, social workers and health professionals to use in their practice.

EFT is used and promoted by many of the great thought leaders and health experts like :

Dr Joseph Mercola – “More than any traditional or alternative method I have used or researched, EFT works. I have witnessed the results in my patients since deciding to use EFT exclusively in June of 2001.”
Bruce Lipton Bruce Lipton, PhD, Author of The Biology of Belief.– Cell biologist – “EFT is a simple, powerful process that can profoundly influence gene activity, health and behavior.”
Jack Canfield Jack Canfield, Co-author of the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series and one of the stars in “The Secret” – “The most powerful new transformational technology to come along in years” “I have been Tapping for years and have found it to be a pivotal tool in creating the life of my dreams. This information is essential if you want to live your best life!”
Louise Hay I truly believe that it (EFT) is a wonderful and life-changing tool. If you’re not familiar with the technique, it is a wonderful tool that works on a variety of issues, from pain relief, physical issues, and weight loss to attracting abundance, clearing limiting beliefs and healing the past. Tapping is a powerful tool that can truly heal, allowing forgiveness, love, and acceptance into your life, particularly when used along with affirmations.” Louise Hay, author ‘You Can Heal Your Life’
Cheryl Richardon Cheryl Richardson – “EFT is destined to be a top healing tool for the 21st Century”
– Cheryl Richardson, Author of The Unmistakable Touch of Grace.
Nathaniel Brandon PhD author of The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem
“The techniques of EP have provided me with invaluable tools for working with trauma. No therapist can afford to remain ignorant of this new and exciting field.”
Deepak Chopra “EFT offers great healing benefits.” – Deepak Chopra, Author, Mind body spirit Expert
Dr Wayne W Dyer Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, Author of ‘Wishes Fulfilled’ “Put away your skepticism, this really works. I have … had great results with tapping in my own life”
Eric Leskowitz “As a practicing psychiatrist with over 25 years of clinical experience, I see EFT as the most promising new treatment I’ve ever encountered…”  Eric Leskowitz, M.D. Director of Integrative Medicine Task Force, Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital

piggy bankIs EFT a good investment?

Yes EFT is a great investment. It can save you time and money. Most people will get some sort of shift in one session for the issue they are working on. Personally I have found EFT to be more effective than more traditional counselling sessions. If I had known about EFT in my 20’s I would of saved a lot of time and money. Traditional counselling was useful, but EFT transformed my life. I see this happening daily for my clients too.

EFT can also be used to resolve blocks to abundance.

I’ve seen many videos online about how to do EFT on myself. Why should I go to an EFT practitioner?

It’s true, you can to the basics of EFT on yourself and you can create change in your life. However, when you work with a fully trained EFT practitioner you can get deeper, faster and more profound results.

Why? For many reasons. A fully trained EFT practitioner has learnt advanced EFT. A highly skilled and intuitive practitioner can use these advanced techniques to discover unconscious blocks to healing, explore and resolve issues with you on a deeper level and support you on your journey.

Additionally I combine my social work and natural therapies knowledge with EFT to bring you a deeper understanding and greater results.

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