Distant Healing


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15 Minute and Under Self-Healing Techniques by Khadine Aharon


FREE eBook

15 Minute and Under Self-Healing Techniques by Khadine Aharon

Distant healing is just that.  You don’t need to be with me.  You can be anywhere in the world.  I just need your name and a photo.  Distant healing can be provided for you, a loved one (with their permission) or a pet.

These sessions support you to bring harmony to your body so that you can heal yourself.

I provide two types of distant healing – Galactic Frequency Healing and Multidimensional Soul Healing.


Galactic Frequency Healing

Galactic Frequency Healing uses Galactic Frequency symbols.  These symbols are sent through your whole energetic system.  This session is great for increasing harmony, reducing stress and to provide you with gentle insights to support your personal growth.

This session includes an email with an explanation of the symbols used during your session.


Multidimensional Soul Healing

This is a unique premium healing and guidance service.

Distant Multidimensional Soul Healings are performed for you in nature by a river, thus bringing in earth energies during your healing.

The primary healing methods used include Medicine Drum, Galactic Frequency Reiki and animal medicine.

The medicine drum supports me to connect with your higher self and clear energetic congestion.  Medicine songs often naturally combined during this time.

The Galactic Frequency Reiki uses Galactic Frequency Healing symbols for guidance and energetic healing.  Specific symbols are selected for your session to support you to heal on a soul level and bring harmony to your energetic system.

Animal medicine comes in the form of wildlife which around during your soul healing session.  Any wildlife which makes itself visible to me during this time, brings its own message for you, to support you on your journey.

Included in your Multidimensional Soul Healing:

  • Multidimensional Soul healing session
  • A recording of your individual medicine drum section texted to you so you can listen to it whenever you want.  This gives you the further benefit of sound healing on your phone at any time.
  • A summary of the session will be emailed, including the Galactic symbols used, the meanings of the animals which come to assist you and where possible picture of the wildlife which came to support you.
  • Added bonus If you choose I will also provide you a phone or Skype call with you to discuss your healing summary.


These sessions can be for yourself or someone you love (relative, friend, pet) with their permission.
I will need you to send me a photo of the person receiving healing for me to focus on during the healing session.  If you have any questions please call me on 1300 037 778 or email me through the contact page.


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 Animal Medicine