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15 Minute and Under Self-Healing Techniques by Khadine Aharon


FREE eBook

15 Minute and Under Self-Healing Techniques by Khadine Aharon

Colour Branding for Business

The biggest mistake

How did you select the colours for your branding? 

The biggest mistake people make when they select the colours for their branding is that they just pick their favourite colour or colours. It’s great for them. They like the colours. But what do the colours say about their product or service? What if the chosen colours pushed clients away rather than attract them to their business?  What if this is happening to you?

Why is colour important in business branding?

In your marketing material colour is the first thing people see and respond to. Colour can help you engage clients or it can turn them away.

Consider a website. It takes potential clients 4 seconds to decide on whether they want to stay and look at your website. People see and unconsciously respond to colour before they read the words. The longer you keep potential clients on your website, the more opportunity you have of converting them into a customer.

Things to think about:

Colour tells a story about your product/service and you.
What do you want your colour story to say?

Colour creates a usually unconscious emotional response.
How do you want clients to feel?

Colour can have a physical impact.
For example, fast food chains use red in their branding as know it makes people hungry.

Colour builds brand recognition.
When you use the same colours repeatedly, clients and potential clients begin to associate those colours with you, even before seeing your logo. What messages are your branding colours sending to your clients?

Colour Branding Consultations

Are you curious about discovering which colours to use for your branding or if  your current ones are suitable?

A colour branding consultation with me makes this easy.

I have a discussion with you and ask you a range of questions about your product and/or service. I use this information to develop your branding colour story. At the end of your consultation you will be clear on what colours to use for your branding and why.

What does a colour branding session include?

Initial consultation:
Available through, Skype, phone or in person at North Parramatta.

Colour branding report:
This is emailed to you. Includes:
– The major themes you wish to express with your branding.
– Your recommended colours, what they mean and how they work together.
– Colour swatches and images for inspiration – so you can see your recommended colours and how they work together.

A Colour Branding Report chat:
After sending you your report we have a casual chat about the recommendations. It’s your opportunity to ask any questions and for us to ensure that you are happy with your colour story.


What is the investment?

$250 for a standard colour branding consultation

How do I book in?

Call Khadine on 1300 037 778 to make your appointment.

Some Examples of logos created with branding colours recommended by Khadine



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